Monday, January 08, 2007

Forgot to send the Raindeers...


The crew over at T-Bonetooter's did a great job of sending out over 110+ Christmas packages to the Troops over in Iraq & Afghanistan and they were welcomed by all who got them.

These packages were stuffed with Christmas\Holiday related items and made it there in time for Christmas. Much candy was included as always and is very much welcomed by the children who it is passed on to.

Once again Benny and Dianne, along with the dedicated few, gathered to put these packages together during the busy holiday season here but were very glad to be able to send some Cheer to the troops whenever possible...

Unfortunately it seems that with all the confusion and many packages that were sent out, at over $1,600 in postage, it appears nobody included the package containing the Raindeer. Mike Flook who is staioned in Kalsu with his unit made due with what they had and sent the above photo of how they "improvised"...

Mike has been serving in Iraq working for the Department of Defense as a Firefighter with a crew stationed in Kalsu Iraq which is 45 miles South of Baghdad. Mike's unit has been receiving packages from the "From Our Hearts"


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