Thursday, August 10, 2006

Augusta County Fair 2006

Augusta County Fair
Republican Party Booth

Ssgt. Herb Harman of Churchville stopped by the Republican Booth at the Augusta County Fair with his family on Wednesday for a "Quick" visit that turned into hours with numerous people meeting and thanking him for his service to our country.
Herb also spent time at the "From Our Hearts" booth and spoke with several people on how much these packages from home are welcomed by the troops. Herb's squad is the "Four-One Element" of the 654th MP CO and is serving in Baghdad Iraq where Herb will be returning to in a few weeks. The "Four-One Element" is one of the units that "From Our Hearts" supports and receives numerous packages approximately every 10 days from home

"What a treat it was to walk into our booth and see Herb there! There were tears in many sets of eyes as people came by to wish Sgt Harman well and to thank him for his service to our nation. Herb spoke about his duty in Iraq and actually how well things are going over there in Baghdad. He said that the media is so incredibly slanted that is makes the soldiers serving over there sick to their stomachs. He said the people of Iraq are very appreciative of the US and often thank the soldiers for their freedom. Herb is learning Arabic and told me that the Iraqis are great people who love to talk religion. They respect each other for their deep religious faith."

"Some stories, I guess, just never make it to the airwaves over here."
Chris Saxman

Republican Delegate Chris Saxman talks with Ssgt. Harman about the squads work in Baghdad and how we can support them.


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