Sunday, July 23, 2006

Valley packages are there!!!...

"Four-One Element"
Got a note and some photos back from SSgt. Herb Harman in Baghdad and also heard that they have already received packages "From Our Hearts"...

Herb says the guys from his squad appreciate the support and packages and it really makes a difference while they are serving over there.

"I am honored and proud to be the leader of this squad. These are great soldiers. "BAGHDAD"S BADDEST!!!"

The above photo was taken while in Baghdad and shows Herb with the "Four-One Element" Squad with a flag that we sent over to him. The flag has been returned and will be at the Augusta County Fair at Expoland on August 8-12th for photos to be taken with. We will be asking visitors to the "From Our Hearts" booth to have their photo taken with this same flag and we will send the photos back to the "Four-One Element" squad to show support to "Our" guys... Please stop by and visit the booth...


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