Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Local Virginia Military Members...

Local Virginia Patriot's

Major Thomas P. Nelson III, with U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte (R) VA. in Kandahar, Afghanistan during a visit made by the Congressmen to the area. Major Nelson is from the 6th District of Virginia which Bob Goodlatte represents and has just returned from Afghanistan after 11 months deployment. He is now stationed in Vicenza, Italy and will be returning to the states in a short time...

Sgt. Marcus R. Averill with Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell...
After working the polls for George W. Bush and George Allen in November of 2000, Marcus left for boot camp the day after the victorious election. It was peacetime. Since then Marcus was on Pentagon duty shortly after 9/11, before being deployed first to Afghanistan and then to Iraq three times, He has already re-enlisted twice.

Marcus is the Nuclear/Chemical/Biological (NBC) non-com for his unit. He is also the personal security detail for the commanding officer and accompanies him on all trips throughout the region. He has been selected for Ranger School and will fulfill that upon his return from Iraq.

He is presently stationed at Ft. Gabe in Baquoba, Iraq, His wife and 8 year old son are at their home at Ft. Carson, Colorado and since his two week mid-tour leave in March, they are now happily expecting a new arrival in December.

Sgt. Averill's mother is Trixie Averill who is a 6th District member of the Republican State Central Committee which makes him one of our local "Heroes"... I asked her for a photo to post and how much he appreciates "Packages & Notes" from home and this is what she wrote:

"Yes, he said that the care packages are terribly important because it means contact from home, and it also provides them with snacks at any time, and things that they can carry in their packs. Not everyone has family to send packages though so he always tells me to send plenty and he shares with his soldiers. It is amazing how much of a family they become over there. Whatever one gets, they share with everyone."

The 2006 "FROM OUR HEARTS" campaign is about to start this upcoming Memorial Weekend May 26th.

Many people from last year have shown great interest in helping again this year and we look forward to providing a consistent supply of "Care Packages" to the troops from the Virginia Valley...


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Good to see that the post has made it up. Took awhile and not sure why it took that long but glad it worked out. Thanks to all who sent photos and comments and want to post as many photos as possible to make the site even better...

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