Friday, March 24, 2006

Note from Baghdad...

15 March 2006
1241 hrs.

Hi Steve,
I am Honored.

What a morale builder to see that sign & our beloved flag on one of my favorite highways. Thank you & all involved. You all have made my deployment and I am humbled indeed.

I speak to many of the locals over here in broken or no english whatsoever, they tell me or make me understand just how much they love America, our President, and our free society. We did the right thing here. We had the means, that gave us the responsibility.

So many of these good people have told me the horrors under which they have lived and the tragedys of losing family...
I spoke with a Colonel and a Captain of the Pifsh-merga Malitia (Kurds). The Colonels family was buried alive under their house by Red Guards. The Captains brother was fed to the lions-alive! These truely world class warriors, respect us and loved that I take time to learn as much as I can from them. I really enjoy soldiering with such good people. They teach me (with patience) their language, their culture, customs & courtesys.

They also love to hear of America, my family and my good friends back home. I'm happy to be here. I'm blessed to have supporters like you, your fellow workers, and of course SWAC... Thanks to all of you! Our home-front warriors!

Your Militant, Conservative, Republican Warrior,
Herb Harman

Ssgt. Herb Harman is presently serving his country and all of it's Citizens in Baghdad Iraq. He volunteered for this duty and assignment and finds time to let us know that our efforts are appreciated by he and his fellow troops. I have been fortunate to meet several soldiers that have served with him and he is held in the highest regard. He is a member of SWAC (Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta- County Republican group) and is also coordinating distribution of "Care Packages" being sent over to him by the "From Our Hearts" program operating out of Churchville, Virginia...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rally in Staunton...

Staunton Va, 18 March 2006

This past Saturday the "Augusta Coalition for Peace & Justice" planned to hold a protest in downtown Staunton for the 3rd anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. Upon their arrival they found several "Troop Supporters" who then turned into numerous supporters before they knew it. Many people came out to support the troops and to counter the claims being made by the anti-war group...

Please go to: for more info and photos about this event...

Friday, March 17, 2006

"Support Our Troops"

Who we are...

Help us in showing support for our troops that are fighting to keep our freedom. Last year we knew we wanted to do something to show we care and say thank you but like many others we were not real sure how to go about doing this. It came to our attention that there were many who were not fortunate enough to be receiving “Care Packages” from home and there was a need. Our hearts went out to these awesome individuals, so we adopted them for the summer of 2005. We worked with people within the Shenandoah Valley and collected items\letters that were sent over on a weekly basis “From Our Hearts” to show we cared…

We will be doing this again for the summer of 2006 and will be kicking it off our campaign this Memorial Day weekend and ending September 11th. Please join us to make the 2006 campaign even bigger and better! Each weekend we will be focusing on a theme of items, however, any items can be donated. This is a great way for your company, church group, or organization to get involved! All donations will be accepted at T-Bone Tooter Restaurant, Churchville, and any of our staff will be glad to assist in any questions you may have by calling (540) 337-6500... Listed below are members of the “From Our Hearts” committee with contact numbers that can be called for additional information if you would like to help contribute…

Benny & Dianne Rankin
Owners, T-Bone Tooter

Donations can be made payable to: “From Our Hearts” and mailed to:
T-Bone Tooter Route 250 West P.O. Box 504 Churchville, VA. 24421

Elaine Spedding
540 820-3106

Kay Clifton

540 337-6128

Donna & Dimple Moyer

540 434-0239

Lynn Mitchell - Staunton
540 886-0340

Steve Kijak - Stuarts Draft
540 466-0440

Sunday, March 05, 2006

MWD's and the Troops...

Sgt. Gmitter & WMD "Este"

Sgt. Shipman & "Hexe"

Sgt. Marini & "Max"


Military Working Dogs...
These are photo's of our troops, including the four leg troops, who are fighting the War on Terrorism in both Iraq and Afghanistan. These are also some of the troops that received "Care Packages" from the "From Our Hearts" program. We have received many notes from these troops expressing their gratitude and this makes it worth all the efforts.

We are already starting to make plans for the 2006 season that starts on Memorial day and will run to September 11th. If you are interested in helping to support or troops please contact the staff at T-Bone Tooters at (540) 337-6500 for information...
Donations can also be sent to "From our Hearts" Route 250 West P.O. Box 504 Churchville, VA. 24421 and will be greatly appreciated...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Items Requested by the Troops...

Troop Wish List...

AT&T Phone Cards
Air Fresheners (No Aerosol Cans)
Baby Wipes / Wet Wipes
Batteries AA
Beef Jerky
Book Lights
Books \ Magazines
Brown Washcloth & Towels
Candy (No Chocolate)
Canned Chicken
CD's & DVD's
Cheese (That can stand heat)
Deoderant (Travel Size)
Dip (Non-perishable)
Disposable Cameras
Duct Tape
Electrical Tape
Eye Drops
Fans (Hand-held)
Flea Collars
First Aid Kits
foot Powder
Lotion (Travel Size)
Microwave Meals (Hormel)
Off (Bug Repellant)
Paper \ Envelopes \ Pens
Potted Meat
Powered Drink Mix
Ramen Noodles
Sewing Kits (Travel size)
Shampoo (Travel size)
Shop Towels
Slim Jims
Soap (Travel size) Soap Holders
Socks (White over the calf)
Soup (Pop top, heat & serve)
Stridex Pads
Sunflower Seeds
Toothbrush and holders
Toothpaste (Travel Size)
Twin Sheets / Bed pillows
Zip Ties
Ziplock bags (Qt & Gallon size)

* Things not to send.... Pork Products, Chocolate, Aerosol Cans...
Donations always welcomed for it allows us to purchase those items needed to make complete "Packages"....

From Our Hearts....

SGT. Shipman & MWD "Hexe"

"From Our Hearts" was created by Benny & Dianne Rankin of Churchville, VA. who are the owners of "T-Bone Tooter" restaurant to support those troops from the Shenandoah Valley serving in the military. Benny & Dianne, with the help of several dedicated volunteers, collect and package assorted "Care" packages and mail them to troops on the front lines of the war on terrorism in Iraq & Afghanistan. With the assistance of the local Republican party SWAC (Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County), From Our Hearts contact troops from the local area to provide items needed and requested to help those serving us while serving in Iraq\Afghanistan.

Donations can be made payable to "From Our Hearts" and mailed to: T-Bone Tooter Route 250 West P.O. Box 504 Churchville, VA. 24421 (540) 337-6500

"From Our Hearts" Committee:

Elaine Spedding (540) 820-3106
Dianne Rankin (540) 337-6500
Kay Clifton (540) 337-6128
Donna Moyer (540) 434-0239
Dimple Moyer (540) 434-0239